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French maid outfits are not just for women of all sizes and types it seems there is even a market for French maid outfits for dogs.

Now this wont surprise many broad minded adults but I have to wonder why? Is the dog happy in it's French maid costume?

Im all for a bit of fun but not at the expense of another creature, even though I admit I did find a picture of a dog dressed as Yoda from Star Wars very very funny lets stop this now before we lose ourselves completley.

Say no to French maid dog outfits....


French maid outfits for dogs...

French maid outfits have crossed cultural boundries and Japan, which is famous for it's extremes has adopted the French Maid character into comics, movies and video games.

The Japanese version makes the skirt as short as possible and the legs as long as possible.

Japanese girls have taken to dressing up in French maid outfits for Cosplay.

Cosplay is the phenomenon of dressing up in Manga style charachters from your favourite comic.

This hasn't caught on in the U.K as much as Japan but it is here.


French maids in Japan

Ok, If you haven't realised yet a lot of French maid outfits sold throughout the world are bought by men for men.

Some guys like to dress up as French maids, and why not?

Anything between consenting adults should be allowed in my book, and also it can add a bit of fun into a stale relationship.

No manufacturers I have found make exclusive French maid outfits for men so they usually buy a plus size French maid outfit

Don't worry guys we are looking for a quality supplier of plus size French maid outfits.


French maid outfits for men

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